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Rising Health now offers braintapping as a quick and easy way to optimize your brain’s peak potential. This therapy is backed by neuroscience and research as a proven way to help people who experience high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and other lifestyle challenges.

What Is Braintapping?


Braintapping creates a feeling of calm focus that’s just right for learning and productivity - or, as they call it, a "symphony of brainwave activity." Each audio session is designed with a specific brainwave balance and purpose in mind.

BrainTap’s exclusive neuro-algorithms gently and naturally guide your brain through a broad range of brainwave patterns, instead of just the Alpha state. The result is a complete spectrum of brainwave activity.

The BrainTap Headset


Our BrainTap Headset brings a whole new dimension to your braintapping sessions by adding the restorative power of light frequency therapy.


In addition to the sonic effect in the audio-sessions, the BrainTap Headset delivers gentle light pulses that travel through the ear meridians and the retina, sending direct signals to the brain and guiding you into extraordinary brain states that would otherwise take years of disciplined effort to achieve.

​What Brain Therapy Uses

The science behind BrainTap relies on five key elements that enable the sessions to induce brainwave entrainment. Those five elements are:

  • Binaural beats

  • Guided visualization

  • 10-cycle holographic music

  • Isochronic tones

  • Gentle light pulses

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Is BrainTap Therapy Right For You?​

Braintapping can be beneficial and provide relief for a variety of conditions. Some of the most common reasons patients seek BrainTap therapy are:


  • High stress levels

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Low energy

  • Anxiety & depression

  • PTSD

Schedule A BrainTap Therapy Session

Rising Health Specialty Clinic offers in clinic BrainTap therapy sessions as one of our many treatment options. Please click the button below to book your treatment now.

Purchase Your Own Headset

In addition to our in clinic therapy sessions, we also offer the option to purchase your own headset for use in the privacy of your own home.


$180 / year

Brain Tap Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah

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