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Depression and anxiety can be devastating to those who suffer from these challenging conditions, as well as for anyone who loves them.


Not ever person who struggles with mental health issues wants to (or can) pursue treatment through traditional, Western medicine treatment models. Fortunately, many effective, alternative treatment approaches are available.


Rising Health Specialty Clinic offers alternative therapies for anxiety and depression as a part of our comprehensive care and treatment options. All of our treatment plans are highly personalized, helping patients back to a place of overall health and well-being.


Why Choose Alternative Depression & Anxiety Treatments?


Patients choose alternative therapies for mental health challenges for a variety of reasons.


The treatment approaches typically used in Western medicine are not effective for everyone. In other cases, people facing mental health challenges might not want – or are unable – to use psychoactive medications. Many health insurance plans do not pay for therapy or counselor services. 


Even patients who are currently being treated with medication and/or counseling find that they can benefit from adding alternative therapies to their treatment plan. An integrative approach can have a synergistic effect, often helping to improve the outcomes of traditional treatment.


The Benefits of Integrative Mental Health Care


Patients often seek out integrative and alternative approaches to mental health care because they prefer a more holistic approach to their treatment. Anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges are highly complex, and every person is affected differently. Integrative approaches to treatment can provide an effective, multi-dimensional approach to the highly complex nature of mental illness.


Likewise, each person responds differently to traditional treatment. The nature of prescription drug treatments are hit-and-miss. Patients may have to try multiple medications before they find one that is effective for them. Even then, many patients experience highly troublesome side effects.


Alternative treatments tend to me more natural, providing faster results without fear of drug interactions or side effects.


Choosing a Salt Lake City Integrative Medicine Practitioner


The scope of alternative mental health treatment options is broad, and not all alternative treatment providers are the same. You deserve the most effective, highest quality care available today, and that’s what you will find at Rising Health.


Our highly trained staff provides a highly personalized level of care in a warm and comfortable environment. We take the time to get to know you, to understand the challenges you face, and to work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that helps you achieve your goals for health, happiness and well-being.


Contact our Salt Lake City integrative medicine clinic today to learn more about our alternative therapies for depression and anxiety.

Depression & Anxiety Treatment

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