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Medical Weight Loss


If you have struggled with shedding unwanted pounds, medical weight loss from Rising Health Specialty Clinic may be the answer you’ve been hoping for.


Many people have experienced years (or even decades) of frustration with fad diets and other gimmicks that promise to help them shed unwanted pounds. Unlike those gimmicks and fads – most of which are designed to separate you from your hard-earned money – our program is based on scientific evidence and proven methods.


Our nutrition and health coaches can help you create personalized plans to address a variety of weight management challenges, including digestive issues, stress management, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, fatigue, autoimmune diseases, chronic illness, food allergies and more.


How Does Medical Weight Loss Work?


Not all medical weight loss programs are created equal.


At Rising Health Specialty Clinic, we use a safe, effective and balanced approach to help reach your weight loss goals. Based on your body and your health history, we design a personalized treatment plan designed specifically for you. With our program, losing the pounds will feel truly effortless.


What makes us different is that we dig deep to identify the reasons why you have extra weight to lose – and then we address those factors on an individual basis. We look at potential issues such as food allergies, hormonal imbalances, gut health, emotional well-being and thyroid functions. So, while other weight loss programs do nothing but expect you to eat less and exercise more, our program doesn’t rely on willpower to get the weight off.


Another key to our program’s success is education and support. Our professional nutrition counselors will help you learn more about your body, teaching you tricks and strategies to maximize your health and keep the pounds off for life.


What Sets Medical Weight Loss Apart?


At Rising Health Specialty Clinic, your weight loss program will be designed and overseen by a medical practitioner. You will also have the ongoing support and compassion of our nutrition counselors and support staff, giving you all the tools and support you need to achieve your goals.


With our highly effective weight loss program, you never have to starve or deprive yourself. You won’t have to eat expensive, flavorless pre-packaged meals either. Instead, you can eat regular meals, made from regular food, that you can share with family and friends.


Medical Weight Loss in Salt Lake City


The Rising Health medical weight loss program is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Our patients report having more energy, improved cognitive function, and even healthier-looking hair, skin and nails.


If you feel like you’ve tried everything with no lasting results – or if you would like to avoid the discouraging slog of ineffective diet programs – contact us today for a free consultation. Located in Salt Lake City, Rising Health Specialty Clinic is northern Utah’s recognized provider of safe and effective medical weight loss programs.

Do you feel like you have tried every diet plan out there and are still not seeing the results you want?

We believe that you are unique and so is the way you lose weight and keep it off. We offer specialized plans and unique treatments to help you succeed in your goals!  


Our nutrition and health coach, Sinead Urwin, can help you create personalized plans to address weight management, digestive issues, stress management, depression & anxiety, eating disorders, fatigue, autoimmune diseases and chronic illness. 


Metabolic Therapy

Food Allergies

Genetic Predisposition Testing

Gut Health

Hormone Balancing

Lipotropic Injections

Thyroid Function

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