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Complete Metabolic Reset Program

Check out our Complete Metabolic Reset with ProLon.


We have teamed up with ProLon to provide a straightforward way to complete a 5-day fasting-mimicking diet for 3 cycles.

With added supportive therapies, you'll be well on your way to feeling great. Contact us to learn more!

Rising Health is partnering with ProLon to help you achieve your goals this new year. We are offering two packages for our Complete Metabolic Reset Program.


Click here to learn more about ProLon.

Complete Metabolic Reset Packages

Package 1 "Jumpstart Your Health Journey"

Package 2  "New Year, New You"

Perfect for First-time fasters that are looking for a metabolic kick-start! 

Discount Total - $185 per box (normally $249 per box) 

3 Prolon Boxes for a 3-month program 

Prolon offers coaching when the patient signs up - $75 dollar value

Comprehensive and Customized Metabolic and Healthy weight loss plan

Discount Total - $995 (normally $1650)


$555 - 3 Prolon Boxes for a 3-month program

$450 - Sinead Urwin 6 Session coaching - normally $570

$(varies) May use insurance - Lab Work - A1c, Glucose, Insulin, Cortisol, leptin, CBC, CMP

Lab Review with Practitioner for a custom plan/supplements

Add-on Items (Can be added to package 1 or Package 2)

Pick two, get 10% off

- LipoBurn (MIC-B12 Shots) $25 per shot (28 shots recommended for a 3-month program)

- Tino Fiber/Collagen protein bundle $75

- NAD+ Injections $50 per shot (12 shots recommended for a 3-month program)

- Vitamin D Shot $50 per shot (3 shots recommended for a 3-month program)

- IV Weightloss $185 ( 3 IVs recommended for a 3-month program)


Body Contouring with Morpheus8 discount to those who sign up for ProLon

*Ask for package pricing

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