Feed Your Good Gut Bugs

Can we improve our gut health by eating “good bugs”?

We can sprinkle all the seeds we wish on our soil in an attempt to grow vegetation. But, if the soil is barren, nothing will take root and flourish. The same philosophy applies to our gut health. Our intestinal soil needs to be fertile in order to absorb the nutrients we ingest in the form of food and supplements. Our bodies rely on an array of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants in order for us to function optimally. In our society these days, we’re faced with a double whammy.

Not only is our food supply void of nutrients as a result of over-processing and over-farming, but we no longer have the healthy gut bugs required to absorb the little nutrition we get. To make matters worse, we cannot produce such vitamins as folate, B12, and K2. These nutrients require these friendly bugs for production. As these vitamins are essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates and for bone, heart and cellular health, you can see how these deficiencies can lead to the devastating illness and disease we’re facing. This article helps us to understand further the importance of cultivating gut health through a probiotic-rich intake, in conjunction with nutritious, whole foods.

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