Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. This means that nearly 1/3 of the people in this country suffer from some form of chronic pain. Six of the top ten most prescribed drugs in the US in 2005 were pain medications and four of them are used to treat depression.

At Rising Health Specialty Clinic we use a functional medical approach to addressing chronic pain problems. We focus on fixing the problem. When the root cause of pain is properly addressed, the symptoms diminish and often disappear. The symptoms may appear as muscle/joint pain, fatigue, headache or other dysfunction. The actual problem may be infection, nutritional, structural, or toxicity.Integrative doctors look at the whole body to locate the cause of pain. Pain may be local, but can often be referred; that is, your knee pain may be a symptom of something else going on in your body, like a back problem or a chronic dental infection.

We commonly see chronic pain patients resulting from a variety of causes including issues such as sciatica, neuropathy, joint pain, migraines and fibromyalgia. We help manage and minimize chronic pain in a safe and effective manner, providing support for the body to decrease the stress and inflammation and looking at other underlying causes of pain. It is important to note the causes are slightly different for everyone.

Along with dietary, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, we utilize advanced methods to inhibit the pain pathways in the body. The best treatment plan may be a multi-faceted integrative approach and may incorporate therapies to address the cause of pain on a physical and emotional level. Functional medicine incorporates the use of drugs and surgery when appropriate but also strives to understand the root cause of the pain and facilitate natural healing.

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