Fatigue. It’s become all too common. From debilitating fatigue (chronic fatigue syndrome) to waking tiredness, fatigue is contributing to significant inefficiencies at work, problems with concentration, personal performance, and relationships. It's something too many of us can relate to. If you always feel tired, lethargic or have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome what can you do?

When treating a nonspecific symptom like fatigue, you have to investigate all of the primary mechanisms that lead to disease. In functional medicine we look for the underlying causes of fatigue which can include gut dysfunction (bacterial over growths, poor enzyme production), nutrient imbalances, chemical or metal toxicities, hormone imbalances, chronic infections, immune dis-regulations, and genetic mutations that can lead to problems.

Our specially trained physicians will carefully test and investigate the root cause of your fatigue and craft a personalized treatment protocol designed especially for you because each of us is unique and has medical needs that will not be identical to another person. Usually, fatigue results from a complex set of interacting factors rather than a single cause. The good news is that by looking at the whole person over the course of his or her lifetime, it is possible to not only alleviate fatigue, but to reverse it.

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