Could a Ketogenic Diet Become Your Key to a Disease-Free Lifestyle?

Is Poor Health Really Destined to be Our ‘Norm’?

Don’t you find it’s more common for people to discuss their ill-health these days, rather than raving about their vibrancy, energy, and vitality? Isn’t it more usual to hear complaints of headaches, digestive issues, fatigue, and depression, as opposed to comments of clarity of thought, an abundance of energy and enthusiasm for life? Why have discussions about our ailments become ‘the norm’? Why are these issues dominating our lives?

Are Our Nutritional Lifestyles the Missing Link to Optimal Health?

Could it be a function of the fuel we’re putting into our bodies? What if we could reset this normality and wake up feeling refreshed, positive and with the vivacity and enthusiasm to tackle the trials and tribulations that life puts in our path? What if there was a lifestyle out there that could give our bodies, and minds, the fuel they need to thrive? And, without leaving us feeling deprived. What if our answer lay in a lifestyle choice, rather than yet another, doomed to fail, restrictive diet? Could a ketogenic lifestyle be our answer?

What is a Ketogenic Lifestyle?

Ketosis occurs within the body when we limit our intake of carbohydrates in favor of healthy fats. By doing so, we encourage our bodies to produce energy from our beneficial fat intake, in the form of ketones. Ketosis is a natural metabolic state, which involves the body’s production of ketones from fat, thereby using them as energy. I’m not suggesting we restrict our intake of carbohydrate-rich, enzymatic vegetables or sprouted legumes. Instead, we need to curtail those nutritionally void carbohydrates such as baked goods, cereals, breads, pastas, and sugary foods.

The Sad Reality: This Isn’t Food.

Look around at the foods on our supermarket shelves. The vast majority of what we fill our shopping carts with is nutritionally void, non-food. These non-foods spike our blood sugar and create an alarm-signaling inflammatory response within our bodies. The body then pumps out insulin and cortisol to deal with this sugar invasion when it hits. It’s not as if this is a once-off occurrence either. It happens at breakfast when we scoff down bowls of processed cereal. It happens with our sandwich and pasta at lunch. And it happens at our carb-loaded dinners. As soon as we consume this sugar-spiking and stressing foods, our bodies are forced into ‘fat-storing’ mode. This is because the body’s prime focus now is to try to fight off the “foreign invaders” we’ve just ingested. This constant production of insulin and stress-hormones feeds our inflammation, thereby feeding our breeding ground not only for common illnesses but also for chronic disease.

Is Ketosis Our Missing Link to an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle?

Chronic, low-level inflammation at the cellular level – known as the “silent killer” – develops without pain and can lead to obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. By stabilizing our blood glucose and insulin levels through ketosis, and relying on more nutrient dense fats and quality proteins as fuel, we are no longer feeding the “dis-eased” cells in our bodies, but rather nourishing the healthy ones. Our metabolisms are therefore able to function efficiently. This creates an environment for healing, cleansing, and repairing to occur. If we continue to fuel the healthy cells and cut off the power supply to the unhealthy ones, we create a breading ground for health and vitality and quench that of disease and ill-health. As inflammation subsides, our miraculous bodies can even start to reverse the chronically ill states that we’ve created through living our nutrient-void lifestyles. We can move further away from such looming illnesses as type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, blood pressure, heart and cholesterol issues, and many more. In most cases, we can even reverse them if they’ve already set in. We can choose a nutritionally dense, ketogenic lifestyle and live the long, vibrant, healthy lives we deserve to live!

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