Fat: Friend or Foe?

Do we need to fear fats?

We live in a fat phobic culture. We’re brainwashed into believing that eating fat will make us fat. We therefore gravitate towards foods that are marketed as ‘low-fat’, ‘fat-free’ or ‘diet’. These foods, more accurately termed ‘non-foods’ are higher in inflammatory carbohydrates. The insulin and cortisol spiking result of this low fat, high carbohydrate culture is that we suffer from a vast array of health issues. The truth is that fat does not make us sick or fat. In fact, eating good fat helps us to lose weight and feel great!

Low fat, high carb diets lead to weight gain, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, pain and many other issues. What if we could retrain our bodies into not relying on the next influx of carbohydrate rich snacks and go back to our hunter gatherer days of utilizing our existing fat stores as fuel? And, what if we could have hormonal balance, clear thinking, optimal weight and body composition, good digestion and no inflammatory issues? What if I told you that we can retrain our bodies to produce ketones as energy from our existing fat stores, and vastly improve the efficiency of our metabolisms to produce these results? We have become so reliant on glucose for energy that all hormonal and health imbalances I’ve mentioned are worryingly commonplace.

We can reverse this trend by adopting a nutritionally Ketogenic lifestyle, and become fat-adapted rather than glucose-reliant. In living this way, we would become more accustomed to going slightly longer between meals, thereby becoming highly metabolic efficient. I believe that the most effective nutritional lifestyle is, therefore, one that incorporates nutritional ketosis alongside regular intermittent fasting. Check out my vlog for more insight!

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