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Who We Are

One of the most valuable benefits of our health care treatment and therapy is how quickly you see results.


Rising Health's highly trained and experienced staff provide compassionate, personalized care in a friendly and comfortable environment. Our providers take their time to understand their patient's health goals and unique set of needs.

Our integrated approach to healthcare sets a new standard for comprehensive care and personalized treatment plans.


In addition to treating Lyme disease, we offer alternative therapies for hormone replacement, autoimmune disease, anxiety, depression and even medical weight loss. We are recognized as northern Utah’s preferred provider of alternative treatment. We also have the capacity to evaluate and diagnose complex conditions that may have gone undetected by traditional medicine practitioners.

Our Mission & Vision

Rising Health Specialty Clinic was established to address a need that founder, Sharlene Watson, saw in the healthcare field.  Chronically-ill patients that had been placed in a box were not finding  answers to their healthcare issues. They weren't allowed to take charge of their healthcare.  They were subject to traditional medicine and healthcare practices that left them in a cycle of poor health and outdated medical care. 

Sharlene knew that there was a better way.  She believed that helping her patients discover the root-cause of their health issues would allow them to get healthier, faster. This is the mission that drives Rising Health providers and staff everyday: the opportunity for our patients to guide their health for a better future.

Our patients are not standard or run-of-the-mill.  They have unique issues and high-standards.  We provide support by assessing their needs on a case-by-case basis, which, allows us to create personalized treatment plans that address the root cause of their underlying health issues.  

Whether it is elevating health for optimal performance or finding solutions to complex medical diagnoses, our patients choose Rising Health because of their expertise and compassionate standard of care.

Our Core Values

Our core values give us a common goal and help us achieve our mission and vision while providing elevated care for our patients.  

The following core values help shape our everyday interactions with our patients and in everything we do:


Focused on developing a new way to approach a problem, Rising Health strives to find creative and optimistic healthcare solutions using scientific-based research. We actively seek out new medical advancements and technologies that can change health outcomes for our patients.


We approach our patients healthcare with understanding and empathy. Our team seeks to know our patients and their journey.  We will guide and support them through their personal healthcare journey with awareness and compassion.


Open and honest interactions are what define our company.  We  empower patients to take charge of their healthcare by giving them the knowledge they need to make educated, personal health decisions.


Our patients place their trust in us to support their healthcare and we take this role seriously. Our team partners  with patients to find the best solution that meets their  needs and expectations  while delivering results.

About Us

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