IV Therapy


IV therapy — also known as IV infusions and IV infusion therapy — is one of the fastest-growing forms of alternative medicine therapy.


Intravenous infusions bypass the digestive system to deliver treatment directly into the bloodstream. This helps maximize the effectiveness of your treatment and obtain a faster, more direct result.


Whereas many traditional medical treatments do little more than treat your symptoms, our proven alternative medicine therapies help get to the root of the problem, addressing the cause and putting you on the path to wellness.

IV Infusion Options


At Rising Health Specialty Clinic, we offer a variety of intravenous therapy options, depending on your needs. Some of our most sought-after treatments include:

IV Antibiotics

Typically used in the treatment of Lyme disease, this therapy can help relieve symptoms and reduce the risk of complications.

IV Chelation

A holistic approach to detoxification, this therapy is designed to address heavy metal toxicity in the body.

IV Myers Cocktail

Delivering a proven combination of vitamins and minerals to the body, this drip therapy enhances the body’s natural abilities to heal and resist infection.

IV Ketamine

One of the most promising treatment protocols in decades, Ketamine infusion therapy can provide a safe and effective means for managing severe depression and rapid symptom relief.

IV Ozone + UBVI

Ozone helps improve the body’s ability to transport and use oxygen. This can help fight infection, promote healing and improve the function of your body’s immune system.


This amino acid therapy helps promote healing, enhances energy and restores mental clarity. This treatment can also be used to help minimize the cravings commonly experienced as part of addiction.

Be sure to ask us about our innovative Vitamin Push IV, which provides an instant vitality boost. Taken orally, vitamin supplements offer very limited absorption into the body. When administered via IV infusion, however, you get the full range of benefits our custom formulations offer. This treatment is ideal for addressing symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, low energy, sleeplessness and disruptions in mood.

The Trusted Salt Lake City IV Therapy Clinic


The experienced Rising Health team assists patients from throughout northern Utah at our modern and convenient facility.


You can visit us for treatment recommended by your doctor other another medical practitioner, or let our team of holistic treatment specialists help you achieve the level of health and well-being you desire. We use IV infusions to assist in the treatment of Lyme disease, the thyroid and immune system, medical weight loss and more.


We take a highly personalized approach to your treatment. Based on a detailed evaluation of your medical history, lifestyle and symptom profile, we can recommend the best treatment approach to help you achieve your health goals.


Contact our Salt Lake City area alternative medicine clinic today to schedule your personalized consultation or to learn more about how you can benefit from IV therapy.