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Dr. Maya Thomas, MD

With over 20 years of experience in private practice, Dr. Maya Thomas is a leader in her field. A board-certified Neurologist who has fellowship training in Epilepsy and Sleep. Dr. Thomas combines a conventional and holistic approach to medical care. A true believer that food is the best medicine, she is passionate that if you redesign your diet and lifestyle, you can reverse the course of your chronic illnesses.


Dr. Thomas’s focus will be treating and supporting patients to achieve better sleep hygiene as well as supporting patients who suffer from memory loss and brain illnesses, including Alzheimer’s using the Bredesen Protocol.

Hear it from Dr. Thomas - what should your oxygen levels be during sleep?

“When I first came to Dr. Thomas I thought my problem was simply a case of Sleep Apnea, but soon learned how much my total health was impacted. Thanks to Dr. Thomas’s holistic approach I have lost weight, discovered allergies that have affected my general health and learned to be out of pain. I have improved my digestive processes and of course sleep much better. I am so thankful Dr. Thomas treated the “whole” me, explaining how one imbalance can impact the rest of my body with a cascading affect that I can now control.”

 - K. B.

“I am so grateful for Dr. Thomas. She has taken time and interest in helping me understand my body and what I need to do for healing. Thank you! Thank you for listening and treating me as a person and not a number."

-K. V.

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