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Girish Kalva, MD

Dr. Girish Kalva is a board certified physician and has an interest in prevention, nutrition education, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and offers a holistic approach to medicine. He received his medical degree from Gandhi Medical College, graduating with honors in 1996. With over 25 years of experience practicing medicine, Dr. Kalva brings a wealth of experience to our Rising Health team.

He believes that lifestyle changes are a crucial part of patient care. "I want everyone to move in the right direction by not just reading and listening but by implementing changes in their lives to see the difference it makes by doing so," he explains.


When he’s not with patients, Dr. Kalva enjoys playing ping pong, going on long drives and great comedy.

“One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine.” - William Osler, the father of modern medicine. (1849-1919)

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Voyage Utah's Interview With Dr. Girish

by September 2022

"My medical career originated from my morbid fear of math back in 1989, when I choose to stay away from any career that involved doing calculations or using equations of any kind.

I found my true calling when I joined Rising Health Specialty Clinic in Holladay – it’s such an amazing place that embraces a similar ideology of what I wanted to do all along. I can truly say I love every single encounter I get to do, and I’ve gotten to meet wonderful people who are truly ready to start taking care of themselves."

Functional Weight Loss:

A Lifestyle Program

Physician Training Clinic

May 2022

Watch Dr. Girish's recent talk on Functional Weight Loss that he gave as part of the Utah Functional Practitioners group. Dr. Girish has helped his patients lose over 3,000 pounds.

Dr. Girish and Sharlene Watson

Learn About Our Medical Weight Loss Programs

by Rising Health Specialty Clinic

All of our weight loss programs are designed & overseen by our medical providers. You'll also have the ongoing support and compassion of our nutrition counselors and support staff.

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