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Dr. Postma's Recent Interview With Bold Journey

Our very own Dr. Shawn Postma was featured in the renowned online publication Bold Journey. Check out this snippet from the article, or click the button below to read the whole thing.

Where do you get your resilience from? Growing up my mother primarily raised me as a single parent. She became a registered nurse who often had to work night shifts to make ends meet. In an attempt to give me the best, we also moved around quite frequently. By the time I was in high school, for example, I had lived in over 20+ homes (including four different states) and many different schools. Not only did I have very little growing up, but I also had to learn to adapt to new circumstances, people, and cultures fairly quickly. So I think a combination of all of these things helped me become resilient when I was younger. However, as I got older, I found that resiliency came down to how well I tended to my inner world,


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