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Sinead Urwin, MA

Nutrition and Health Coach

Sinead's personal healing journey and educational background, along with her work in coaching others, has armed her with knowledge and experience in holistic nutrition and lifestyle coaching, for both preventive health and healing of illness and disease.

Her specialties include: Weight Management, Digestive Issues, Stress Management, Depression & Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Fatigue, Autoimmune Diseases and Chronic Illness.

A Note From Sinéad

Hi, my name is Sinead Urwin. I’m the Functional Nutritionist with the Rising Health Specialty Clinic.


I help our clients to navigate the nutrition and lifestyle aspects of their healing journey. This includes areas such as gut issues, autoimmune diseases, weight management, eating disorders, pain, skin issues, brain fog, stress management, fatigue, sleep, anxiety and depression.


I work closely with clients to create practical, realistic, achievable ways of adjusting their food and lifestyle habits to give their bodies and minds what they need to heal of their symptoms, without dieting, deprivation or restriction.


As an Irish mom of 3 high energy boys living in Utah, I strive to live my happiest, healthiest, fullest life, and it’s my mission to help my clients to do the same.



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